IT Start for students 2022


Are you a new student at Aalborg University? Congratulations on your admission from us in IT Services. On this page, we have created 6 steps for you so that you can become IT ready with the most important tools for you as a student.

Before you can go through the 6 steps to become IT-ready, you must have created an AAU account via Unistart. After your first login to Unistart, it takes 25 hours before your AAU-Username and AAU-Mail are ready for you.

Step 1

In relation with your admission to Aalborg University (AAU), you have received an AAU account, which includes an AAU username and AAU email. It is important that you pay special attention to what these can be used for.

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    What is an AAU email?

    Your AAU-Mail is an email address that you can use for:

    • To inform if you want to receive emails from certain people Subscriptions to mailing lists
    • To receive all information from AAU Your AAU email address cannot be used to log in to AAU systems.
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    What is an AAU username?

    Your AAU-Username is an unique combination of letters and numbers and will look like an mail address: (AAU-ID)@(Domæne)

    Your AAU Username is unique and should be considered personal just like a password.

    Therefore, AAU IT Services recommends that you do not disclose your AAU username to others outside AAU.

    You must use your AAU username to log in to AAU systems such as:

Step 2

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an online security layer to protect your account from misuse. MFA is currently used on most online services and follows the same principle as you know from MitID.

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    Should I use multi-factor authentication?

    It is a requirement from AAU that you have set up your multi-factor authentication. If you do not set it up, it will not be possible for you to access more AAU systems.

    Read more about setting up Multifactor authentication.

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    What type of setup should I choose?

    In connection with your access to Unistart, you have approved that AAU may use your mobile number to set up your MFA. AAU recommends that you set up your MFA on your mobile device. This is considered the most secure and, after setup, will simply require you to click approve as your multi-factor authentication.

    Read more about setting up Multifactor authentication.

Step 3

Remember to set up your device for Wi-Fi. All students and staff have access to set up computers, mobiles and other devices to our wireless network called Eduroam.

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    Setup instructions for my computer, mobile or tablet

    To set up your device for AAU Wi-Fi, you must first create a login and then set up the device.

    Read more about our Wi-Fi setup guide.

Step 4

Did you remember to order your AAUCard via UniStart? Your AAUCard has many functions and will be important to you during your time studying at AAU.

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    What should I use my AAUcard for?

    Your AAUCard covers several areas within AAU:

    • Identification card for your exams - if you don't have it, you can be rejected for the exam
    • Access card to buildings and group rooms
    • Printer card Loan card for the university library

    If you have already received your AAUCard, it is important that you activate it. You can do this via Activate your AAUcard

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    Where can I find information about the AAUcard?

    After you have ordered your AAUCard, it will be printed and subsequently handled by your local Campus Service.

    When you collect your AAUCard, remember to activate it.

    Orient yourself here at

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    Where do I order my AAUcard?

    You must order your AAUCard via UniStart.

    We recommend that you do this as soon as possible, as your access to Unistart will be closed.

Step 5

Set up Follow-You print on your computer.

Using Follow-You allows you to send prints to a server. You will then be able to go to any printer at AAU and print your documents.

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    Print as a student

    All new students at AAU are awarded 100 free units. You will be able to use these devices for printing and copying.

    If you run out of printer units, you can buy more via

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    Types of print

    AAU offers different ways you can print: Via your mobile device From your computer Send print by email Upload print to web print

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    Setting up Follow-You print?

    You can set up your computer for Follow-You regardless of whether you use Windows or macOS.

    Visit our setup guide to set up your computer to print on AAU.

Step 6

You have access to the Office 365 package both via the web and installation on your private computer. During your studies, AAU offers access to the Office 365 package, which includes PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook and much more.

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    Read about Office365

    All new students get a license for Office365. Here you can find information about your license and help with installation on your private devices.

    Read about your access to Office365.

Relevant instructions for new students

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