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IT-start for employees

IT-start for Employees

If you are a new employee at Aalborg University (AAU), this page will provide you with useful introductions to the most common IT systems and services.


As an employee, you will get an AAU-mail that will follow you through your employment. Outlook will be set up for you beforehand on your work computer (Windows). You can use webmail or set up your mail on your phone or private computer.


AAU provides a computer. Clarification of what type of computer you need is done at your place of employment. For both Windows and Mac computers, the machine is delivered with a pre-installed AAU-image. You can easily install additional programs via the software center. On Windows computers, mail, print, Wi-Fi, and backup are already set up when you log in using your AAU-username.


At AAU, we use Moodle, where students find their courses, schedule, and class materials. A large part of the communication with the student takes place here as well. Usually, it is the student secretaries who set up the courses, while teachers fill in the content. Read more about Moodle here.


As an employee, printing is free. Using your aau-card, you can print, copy, or scan on AAU’s copiers. Watch our print-introduction video.


If you are a teacher, you can find useful information, guides, and help at the Center for Digital Supported Learning (CDUL).


You can read more about distance learning, digital exams, and find links for the important administrative systems on this page. If you are a teacher, read here about IT specifically aimed at teaching situations.