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Virtual Machine

Get your own virtual machine (VM)

AAU IT Services (ITS) uses VMware vSphere virtualisation platform on almost all servers and services.

This service is available to AAU staff and students who need a virtual machine.

Se your options in the menu on the right.

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    Getting Access

    We will send you information on IP address/DNS name and login information. In most cases, you will be able to use your regular AAU login on both Linux, Mac and Windows.

    We recommend that you only use well-known programmes for remote access, such as: 

    • SSH using Putty on Windows (Can be found in Software Center) and Terminal on Mac.
    • Windows Remote Desktop Connection on Windows and Microsoft Remote Desktop on Mac.
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    Setting up a VM

    Send an email to support@its.aau.dk

    We need for you to include the following information:

    • Purpose for the VM
    • Expected lifetime for the VM
    • Number of CPUs
    • Memory size
    • Disc size
    • Public or non-public IP address
    • Type of operating system

    We can also help you determine your needs.

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    Your options

    • Public IP address
    • Non-public IP address using a NAT Network for external access

    Public IP addresses are routable and offer direct access even outside the AAU network. Non-public IP addresses are routable and only offer direct access from the AAU network. This is usually sufficient, and for that reason all virtual machines have non-routable IP addresses. However, if you require external access, the NAT network may be available.

    Selecting your operating system (OS)

    • Choose one of the pre-installed OS from IT Services with our default configuration.
      • Latest version of Ubuntu (20.04)
      • Windows Server 2019, including updates