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Digitization of teaching and meetings with MS Teams, AAU ZOOM, Panopto, AAU video conference. Content targets your favorite tool and your daily routine. Learn by trying it out in practice on a mini-course with an IT supporter. It typically takes 30-60 min

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For teachers, we have a collaboration with CDUL - see Update Danish news and Update English news

In the boxes below you will find guides that can help you use digital tools for online teaching and meeting. For example, AAU video conference, MS Teams and AAU ZOOM.

The materials are based on best practice-use of standard AV equipment in all of AAU’s premises.

Recently there has been invested substantially in renewal and increased uniformity of the AV equipment in rooms where IT services (ITS) is responsible for the equipment. The intention is to keep the equipment up-to-date and support the digitalization of teaching and meeting-activities. Additionally, we aim to improve the familiarity of the equipment, so that users can recognize the equipment regardless of which room is used. ITS offers support, guides, and minicourses in the use of the equipment.

For questions or suggestions for improvement, you are always welcome to contact ITS Support.

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