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IT for employees at AAU

Here you can find guides for conducting online exams using Skype for Business, Teams, AAU Zoom, and AAU’s videoconferencing system.



On this site, we have gathered all general information for students and employees about conducting exams during the corona-shutdown.



Here, examiners, as well as students and study secretaries, can find inspiration and advice concerning exam situations involving an online digital platform.


Overview of administrative systems

As an employee at Aalborg University, you probably need access to one or more of the administrative systems. In the list below we have gathered links to the systems as well as a number of guides. You can also access the overall overview of administrative systems at AAU here.

Other helpful guides and links

We have compiled an overview of guides and links to the systems and services that are specifically relevant to you, who are employed at AAU. If you need any other instructions, you can also go to the Complete Guide list or contact IT-Support.


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