Print and copy

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Why use Follow-You

  • Collect at a another machine if out of service
  • Secure printing - first printed when you collect
  • Your print job are not mixed with orther jobs
  • Print is available in the cloud for 100 hours

Guides for Follow-You

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    Find a Follow-You printer nearby

    Find a Follow-You printer nearby using Locate printer

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    How to print to Follow-You



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    Release and collect your Follow-you print

    Collect and Release Follow-You Print

    You can collect and release you Follow-You print jobs on any Follow-You enablede Konica Minolta or Xerox Multi funtion-copier.

    Unlock the Multi-function copiers with your AAUcard or your AAU User ID - on the form and Password

    See the A3 Poster at the Follow-you Multi function-copier