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Print and copy

Print and copy service at Aalborg university

This service include standard copy, scan to E-mail and print on standard A4 and A3 format with accounting from your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.  

Across AAU you are offered Follow-You or Secure printing, which allows you to print to a cloud printer. You can then pick-up your print at a Konice Minolta or Xerox multi function-copier supporting Follow-You printing

Email print

Send a document as an attachment to

printmeblackwhite@aau.dk – Black and White duplex
printmecolor@aau.dk – Color duplex

and collect it at a Multi funtion-copier using Follow-You.

You have to send the e-mail from your AAU Email account. 
See how to setup your AAU e-mail here 

Web print

Upload your document using web interface: https://webprint.aau.dk
and release it to black and white or color printer

Collect it at a Multi funtion-copier using Follow-You.

Print from mobile devices


Android table and

No Chrombook app use Email and Web print.
Use Email print 
and web print

Windows phone

You have to be connected to AAU wireless network.

Remenber: Not alle mobile apps support printing - then use:

  • Email print
  • Web print

Print from computer

Top Up - buy more units

See the PRICE LIST and terms & conditions.

Purchased print unit cannot be refunded. However, you have the option to transfer purchased print units to other fellow students. Login to your print account here.

AAUcard and PIN code

Your AAUcard and PINcode can unlock the copier, to make copies, scan to Email and release Follow-You prints.

AAU Guest cards cannot unlock the copier.

Create/change your Pincode visit ACTIVATE YOUR AAUCARD

Read more about AAUcard as print and copycard