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Microsoft Teams

Use Microsoft Teams to keep in touch with your team, projectgroups etc.

Microsoft Teams is a new service from ITS Support. Competences are under construction and we support the best we can :-)

Video guide for Microsoft Teams (under construction)

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    Create a team


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    Create a microsoft team as a teacher

    Look how you as a teacher create a Microsoft team and invite students to a meeting


    In the guide below you will find out tips on how to livestreame and hold meetings

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    Tips on how to hold meetings in Microsoft Teams particular for teachers

    The video below contains several tips for people at Aalborg University, that wants to use Meet now function for ex. meetings, livestreame and teaching. The Video is particular for teachers at AAU, but most people can profit from the tips in the video.


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    Have a meeting with your team (share your screen, documents etc.)


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    Calls via chat with one or more people