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Microsoft Teams

Use Microsoft Teams to keep in touch with your team, projectgroups etc.

All students and staff at AAU have access to the collaboration and meeting platform Microsoft Teams.

Number of participants for a MS Team meeting:

  • max 1000 participants for employees with a M365 A5 license
  • max 300 participants for employees with an A1 license
  • max 300 participants for students

    If you have questions about your license, you are welcome to contact ITS support here.

Teams at AAU do not currently support the following features:

  • Phone calls

Video conferencing systems at AAU currently do not support PowerPoint Live in MS Teams:

  • If a person shares their presentation from MS Teams on their computer via PowerPoint Live, then no presentation is displayed on the video conferencing system, but of course still on the individual computers connected to MS Teams.
    If the presentation is to be viewed on the video conferencing system, a computer connected to MS Teams must be selected to display a screen or program window.

Additionally, the following features are not supported on Mac:

  • Team meeting invitations from Outlook 2016

In addition, Teams cannot be used in Internet Explorer. Use the Teams client or a more modern browser, e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Safari instead.


Guides for Microsoft Teams

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    Access a Team created with an AAU-ID from a RN (Region Nordjylland) PC

    1. Introduction

      The following guide describes how to access a Team created with an AAU-ID from a RN (Region Nordjylland) PC
    2. Setup Multifactor Validation

      Before login as described below you need to setup multifactor validation on you Mobile Phone or Tablet if not already done.
      See description here:

    3. Login

      • Start private browsing.

      • Type in the url: in the New InPrivate window


      • Type in your AAU-userid. Press “Next”.

      • Type in AAU userID if not already entered.

      • Type in Password.
      • Press “Sign In”


      • You should now be asked to Sign In at your Mobile Phone or Tablet via the MS Authenticator app.

      • When done this will be shown.


      • Press ”No” and you should enter your Teams site.

      • If this is the first time you try to login the following will be shown.

      • Select the certificate and press OK.
    4. Dedicated browser.

      In case you are administrator at your PC, you can install a new browser compared to Microsoft Edge, which then should only be used for logging into Teams with the AAU ID.
    5. Desktop shortcut to dedicated browser.

      In case you want an easy access to Teams, as described above, you can make a shortcut at your desktop.
      Just do as follows:
      • Right click any ware at your desktop:

      • Select “New” -> Shortcut
      • Enter the following URL in location:
        "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe" -inprivate

      • Press Next.
      • Give the shortcut a nice name. E.g. AAU Teams

      • Press Finish and you should see a new shortcut at your desktop.

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    My camera isn't working in Teams

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    My microphone isn't working in Teams

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    Change your background for a Teams meeting

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    Online/partial online teaching, exam, meetings, Ph.d. defence via Teams

    Here you will find guides.

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    Create a team

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    Make someone a team owner

    If you want to make someone an owner or view who's an owner of an existing team, follow the guide below:

    Make someone a team owner

    In cases where there is no longer an owner, either because he or she has stopped at AAU, or is on sick leave, you must write to with the name of the new owner and with approval from the nearest manager.

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    Notification settings in Microsoft Teams

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    Show your screen during a meeting

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    Use the Yammer communities app for microsoft teams

    On Yammer there is a group called MS Teams created by Katja Riddersholm Fjelsten. Here we can ask questions, share knowledge and help each other with Microsoft Teams.

    Use the Yammer communities app for Microsoft teams


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    Record a meeting in Teams

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    Guests (externals) invited to an MS Teams meeting created in Outlook or the calendar in the MS Teams app

    • Only employees and students at Aalborg University can call a meeting in Outlook or the MS Teams app.
    • Here, guests (externals) can get the same rights as other participants in the meeting. This is determined by the meeting organizer when setting the meeting options.
    • A guest (external) cannot be the meeting organizer in a meeting created in Outlook or the MS Teams calendar


    Guests (externals) invited into a team in MS Teams at Aalborg University MUST have set up 2-factor validation (mfa) to join a team at Aalborg University. This is necessary, for example, if the guest must have access to channels or files.

    Access to teams as a guest (all non-aau email accounts)

    Which options do guests (externals) have in a team?           

    • Create a channel
    • Join a private channel
    • Join a channel conversation
    • Share a channel file
    • Delete or edit posted messages
    • Start a meeting in a channel

    Can be meeting organizer in a channel meeting if the guest is the first to start the meeting
    Can create private rooms in a channel meeting if the guest is the first to start the meeting.

    Which options do guests (externals) NOT have in a team?

    • Cannot be member or owner of a team
    • Add or remove members and guests
    • Edit or delete a team
    • Set team permissions for channels, tabs, and connections
    • Change the team picture

    Microsoft Teams help and learning

    Source: Team owner, member, and guest capabilities in Teams