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Microsoft Teams

Use Microsoft Teams to keep in touch with your team, projectgroups etc.

Microsoft Teams is a new service from ITS Support. Competences are under construction and we support the best we can :-)

Teams at AAU do not currently support the following features:

  • Meeting invitations from Teams (Use "Meet Now", see "Hold a meeting with your team")
  • Phone calls
  • Integration with AV systems

Additionally, the following features are not supported on Mac:

  • Team meeting invitations from Outlook 2016

In addition, Teams cannot be used in Internet Explorer. Use the Teams client or a more modern browser, e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Safari instead.

Video guide for Microsoft Teams (under construction)

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    Create a team


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    Create a microsoft team as a teacher

    Look how you as a teacher create a Microsoft team and invite students to a meeting


    In the guide below you will find out tips on how to livestreame and hold meetings

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    Tips on how to hold meetings in Microsoft Teams particular for teachers

    The video below contains several tips for people at Aalborg University, that wants to use Meet now function for ex. meetings, livestreame and teaching. The Video is particular for teachers at AAU, but most people can profit from the tips in the video.


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    Have a meeting with your team (share your screen, documents etc.)


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    Calls via chat with one or more people


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    recording team meetings

    If you need to record your Teams meetings, you can click on the three horizontal dots and select "Start recording".


    You and all other meeting participants are made aware that the meeting is being recorded. Click "Reject" to delete the message.


    All meeting participants can stop recording the video by clicking on the three dots and selecting "Stop recording".


    When recording is stopped, you will receive this message:


    Click on the chat symbol to see your recording:


    Click on the recording and you will enter your Onedrive on Sharepoint.


    Here you can see the recording and share it with others.


    Click on "Share" at the top left.


    You can now either enter e-mail addresses for selected people or click on "People you specify can view" to select that e.g. everyone at AAU should be able to watch the video. Remember that "Everyone at AAU" also includes students, and that one should strongly consider whether sharing with the entire AAU is necessary.



    Always remember to consider whether your files contain information that should not not be shared with others. If your video e.g. is a confidential interview, it will typically contain sensitive and / or confidential personal data, and such may not be shared via Microsoft Teams! If you are in doubt, you can read more here:


    Your recording will be saved depending on how the meeting started:


    • Meeting request via Outlook or the Teams calendar:
      The recording is saved on your Onedrive, where a folder named "Recordings / Recordings" is automatically created.
    • Meeting started in a Teams channel
      The recording is saved in the channel's Files, where a folder named “Recordings / Recordings” is automatically created.

    See a detailed overview of where your video is stored and what rights are attached to it.

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    Guests (externals) invited to an MS Teams meeting created in Outlook or the calendar in the MS Teams app

    • Only employees and students at Aalborg University can call a meeting in Outlook or the MS Teams app.
    • Here, guests (externals) can get the same rights as other participants in the meeting. This is determined by the meeting organizer when setting the meeting options.
    • A guest (external) cannot be the meeting organizer in a meeting created in Outlook or the MS Teams calendar


    Guests (externals) invited into a team in MS Teams at Aalborg University MUST have set up 2-factor validation (mfa) to join a team at Aalborg University. This is necessary, for example, if the guest must have access to channels or files.

    Access to teams as a guest (all non-aau email accounts)

    Which options do guests (externals) have in a team?           

    • Create a channel
    • Join a private channel
    • Join a channel conversation
    • Share a channel file
    • Delete or edit posted messages
    • Start a meeting in a channel

    Can be meeting organizer in a channel meeting if the guest is the first to start the meeting
    Can create private rooms in a channel meeting if the guest is the first to start the meeting.

    Which options do guests (externals) NOT have in a team?

    • Cannot be member or owner of a team
    • Add or remove members and guests
    • Edit or delete a team
    • Set team permissions for channels, tabs, and connections
    • Change the team picture

    Microsoft Teams help and learning

    Source: Team owner, member, and guest capabilities in Teams