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AAU Student is a new, digital tool for all students at AAU. The app has been designed to ease your study life: You gain access to the most important and relevant study-information and can also subscribe to study-related news and event channels.

“Very smart app, definitely something you need during your studies.”

In the app, you will also find our Feel Good universe. Feel Good contains a number of tools that can help you keep track of your time, prioritize your tasks and set goals in everyday life - and we are now in the process of expanding the universe with even more tools.

The app shows data from Moodle and combines the calendar with information regarding courses and events. With just a few clicks, information about courses, time and dates, teachers, rooms and litterature becomes available. Furthermore, you get access to a collection of links with relevant information as well as the opportunity to personalise the app to adjust it to your specific needs.

“The concept of the app is really awesome! Its connection to Moodle and our study calendar is simply vital to a student’s life and the design is simple enough and user-friendly.”


AAU Student has been developed and designed based on user surveys and workshops with students. This means that the app is very much a product of students' needs and wishes - and in the app team we continously work on developing and improving the app based on students' suggestions. If you have any suggestions for improvement, feel free to contact us - either through the feedback feature in the app or by mail (app@its.aau.dk). You can also read more about the app team here. 

AAU Student has been downloaded 42.105 times since it was released in May 2017.
Between June 27th and September 30th 2020 it was downloaded 5.270 times.

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