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AAU Start is an app for new bachelor students at AAU. You start using the app by choosing your bachelor programme, and then the content in the app will be customized to your programme. This means that you will only see content relevant to you. The checklist gives you a quick overview of what to take care of before study start, and the ticking-off function allows you to regularly keep track of uncompleted tasks.

“I got the whole checklist checked off. I can highly recommend the app to next year's students. It was nice to have all the information gathered in one place (in the app). The app provides a good starting point and acts as a guide for what to achieve”.

The app will also show you a list of relevant events for new students, as well as an overview of the program on your first day. Furthermore, you can find useful information about your bachelor programme and contact information on your study secretary, among others.

“Really good, has helped a lot. It gives you all the relevant information. Nice to get help - you feel more ready”.


The app collects relevant information in one place, making it easy for you to get an overview of what to take care of before the commencement of study. Thereby, with this app by your hand, you will have access to all relevant information, gathered and easily accessible to you, from the day you receive your confirmation letter, and throughout your study start period.

To learn more about study start at AAU, visit newstudents.aau.dk.

AAU Start has been downloaded 6.269 times since it was released in June 2020.
Between June 27th and September 30th 2020 it was downloaded 3.117 times.

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