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User satisfaction

User Satisfaction Surveys in ITS

Every year, a user satisfaction survey formulated by ITS invites employees and students to assess the IT-services provided by ITS at AAU.

The user satisfaction survey is usually completed in the autumn and contributes to ITS with indications on possible focus areas to pay attention to in the upcoming year, as an attempt to provide a service that satisfies our users.

In the past two years, ITS has carried out user satisfaction surveys based on the same methods but with small adjustments, making it possible to compare responses from 2017 and 2018. Additionally, this gives us an opportunity to follow up on the efforts that were made based on the 2017 survey, and whether the desired effect has been reached.

Read more about the methodological approach, the background of the respondents, and not least about the response distribution in the result reports of the user satisfaction through the link below (in danish).: