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Wireless network at Aalborg University

For using the wireless network at Aalborg University, please create your devices (computer, mobile phone, etc.) at net.aau.dk.

Below you can see which network to choose. Here you will also find links to our wifi setup guides for different types of devices.


Which WI-FI network should i connect to?

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    Employees and students at AAU

    As an employee or student at Aalborg University, you must choose the eduroam network. Create your device at net.aau.dk

    configuration Settings


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    Employees and students from other educational institutions

    As an employee or student from another educational institution, you should choose Eduroam if you have a profile set up for it. Alternatively, somebody with a AAU login can create your unit on our network.

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    Conference participants

    As a conference participant, you can view the conference material or ask the organizer if our conference network is available. Alternatively, an employee with AAU login can create your unit on our network.

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    Other guests

    Other guests can ask an AAU user to create their devices on our network.