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Updating your working copy

When multiple users work with the repository, or even if you work alone but on different computers, you will need to regularly update your working copy, pulling down and merging all new changes from the server. The main point of course is to receive all new data that has been committed by other users, but also to reduce the risk of conflicts between revisions. In general, the longer since your last update, the greater the risk of trying to commit to a file that has been changed.

To update right click your SVN folder and select SVN Update as in the image below.

This will bring up a dialog like the one below. Which will show you what has been updated. In this example, the file mysvndocument.docx has been modified. The final line, markedCompleted, confirms the succesful update and notes which revision number your local copy has been updated to, matching that of the central server. If no red error messages are shown the update was successful.