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Commiting your changes

Committing is the act of finalising your changes for a revision of the repository and pushing those changes to the central server. Although not required, it is highly recommended to tie a general message about your changes to the revision log. This will make it easier for other users (or yourself) to track changes across revisions instead of manually handling diffs between files.

You do this by right-clicking on your SVN folder an clicking SVN Commit as shown below.

You will now be shown a dialog like the one below. Here you can see which files you are about to commit. You can also choose not to commit some files if you want. You can also attach a message to your commit so other users get a more easily readable changelog than simply a list of changed files. Click OK to make the commit.

A live log like the one shown below will pop up. You can follow the changes being made and files being transferred. This is most useful for very large changesets or slow network connections to follow the progress of the commit procedure. Besides adding and transferring files, it will end with the action Completed, and print the iterated revision number. If no read error messages were shown, the commit was successful.