AAU It Services



The initial checkout checks out a repository from the server into a local working copy. It is run only once for a working copy, not being needed again. This guide runs through the steps needed to perform a checkout from the ITS Subversion server, but all parts except the repository URL should be identical for other non-AAU repositories.

To start using an SVN repository you first need to make a checkout of the repository or part of it.

You start by creating a folder in which you want the checkout to be. In the images below we will be using the account istadmin@nano.aau.dk in the examples.

We create the folder MySvnFolder in our personal folder on the server. This folder could also be placed locally on your machine.

To checkout right click the folder and select the Checkout option as shown below.

You will now be shown the checkout configuration window like shown below. Insert the link to your SVN repository at URL of repository. This will be on the form:

  • https://svn01.ist.aau.dk/svn/department/{ProjectGroups|Users|Fileshares}/repositoryname

Where department is the department you are at, e.g., plan, nano, m-tech etc. - students at "basis/first study-year" should use student.

The repository type is either ProjectGroups, Users or Fileshares. For students this should be ProjectGroups.

Note: The URL is case-sensitive, so make sure to write it exactly as stated.

The repositoryname is the name of the share. For students this is the name of your project group.

As the Checkout directory specify the path of the folder created in the previous step (MySVNFolder in the example).

The rest of the settings are for advanced usage and are normally not needed. Click OK to continue. 

You may now be prompted to accept the server's key as shown below. Click Accept Permanently to continue.

The SVN server will now ask you for your login. Use your full email and password. You can put a checkmark in Save Authentication if you do not want to enter you password each time you use SVN.

A screen like the one below will be shown. If no red error messages appear and that last line reads Completed At revision: x the checkout was successful. You can click OK to close the window.

The folder you selected will now have a little icon on top of it as in the image below. This indicates that you have not modified any files under version control.