AAU It Services


the initial checkout

The checkout checks out a repository from the server into a local working copy. It is run only once for a working copy, not being needed again. This guide runs through the steps needed to perform a checkout from the IST Subversion server, but all parts except the repository URL should be identical for other non-AAU repositories.

When SvnX starts up it usually does so in the Working Copy window. To create a new working copy you first need a repository you can link it to. In the top menu go to Windows and then Repositories.

Once opened, click the plus sign below the empty list, and fill out the bottom-half of the window with connection details as follows:

  • Name: a name you can later reference the repository by. This is purely aesthetic.
  • Path: the full URL to the SVN repository.
  • User: your AAU email address.
  • Password: the password to your AAU email account.

The URL must be in the form

  • https://svn01.ist.aau.dk/svn/DEPARTMENT/TYPE/NAME

Replace DEPARTMENT with your department, TYPE with the type of repository (Users,FileShares or ProjectGroups) and the NAME with the name of the repository. Students should use URLs in the form

  • https://svn01.ist.aau.dk/svn/student/ProjectGroups/NAME

where NAME is their group number.

Once you are done typing in the information, double-click the entry in the list to open the repository view.

In the repository view, click the Checkout icon in the toolbar.

You will be asked to place the working copy somewhere. Navigate to wherever you would like to place it and click Checkout. Note: SvnX will place the files in the exact folder you marked. Be sure to create a new, empty folder to place the copy in

After the checkout procedure you should be returned to the Working Copies window. Double-click the new entry in the list to open the main view for your repository. Return to this whenever you are working with your files.