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Svnx for mac osx

svnx for mac osx

This section will show you how to to do various subversion related tasks in Mac OS X using the free SVN client SvnX. The guides assume you have already installed the application, available from the link box to the right.

See the subsections listed to the left for information on performing specific tasks. The remainder of this section will give a brief overview of the main SvnX window.

view type. You can choose between tree-view (showing folders), flat view (showing everything in one view) or smart view (only showing changed items).

updates your repository

advanced users may wish to see the log output of SVN actions. Clicking this button opens a frame in the side of the window.

refreshes the folder view. This is necessary if you have changed files outside of the SvnX application

contains direct access to all the primary SVN commands. See the guides under this article for treatment of some of them.

in all three views, this area shows files and folders in the working directory. Use this as the starting point for file actions. Most SVN procedures can be performed by command-clicking the single items and an action, or selecting them and clicking an action from the toolbar.

when using folder view, this will display the folder structure of the working copy.