AAU It Services


The initial checkout

The checkout checks out a repository from the server into a local working copy. It is run only once for a working copy, not being needed again. This guide runs through the steps needed to perform a checkout from the IST Subversion server, but all parts except the repository URL should be identical for other non-AAU repositories.

Before you perform the checkout, navigate to the folder where you want to your repository. For example, the Documents folder in OS X.

cd ~/Documents/

You can now make the checkout by executing the following command in the terminal

svn checkout --username EMAIL https://svn01.ist.aau.dk/svn/department/{ProjectGroups|Users|Fileshares}/repositoryname

EMAIL is your full email address.

department is the department you are at, e.g., plan, nano, m-tech etc. - students at "basis/first study-year" should use student.

repositoryname is the name of your group. For further information on how to find it look here.

When you have issued the command you will be asked for a password. Enter the password for your account to perform the checkout.

The repository will now be checked out in a folder with the same name as your group name.