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Ignoring files

SVN's capability to ignore files is mostly a convenience feature, but can also save you from mistakenly adding unneeded files to the repository. This could be temporary build files, configuration files with database credentials or maybe just quick personal notes.

To ignore a file in a folder, simply right-click it, go to RabbitVCS->Add to ignore list and pick either the item's name, or the wildcard option (in the form *.extension). The latter will tell RabbitVCS to ignore all files with that particular file extension from the current folder.

Unignoring files

"Unignoring" files or folders is not directly supported in RabbitVCS. It is relatively simple, however, to modify them from the command line. Open a terminal and type the following:

  • export SVN_EDITOR=gedit; svn propedit svn:ignore <path>

Replace <path> with the full path to the folder you want to change ignore properties for. For example, if the root of your svn repository is /home/istuser/svn/jlb and you want to change settings in the src folder, type /home/ist/user/jlb/src/

Optionally, you can change gedit for your preferred text editor on the system.

The text editor should open, displaying all currently ignored files or extensions. Remove the lines containing the entries you want unignored. You can also manually enter new entries as long as they are on separate lines.

When done, save your changes to the file and close the text editor.

Nautilus may not display the changes immediately. Remedy this by forcing a window refresh by pressing F5.