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Adding files to version control

SVN will only manage files you tell it to handle. This is useful, as many projects tend to have temporary files in the repository folder, from temporary build files to personal notes. SVN will remind you of unmanaged files during commits, giving you a chance to add them to the repository before a final commit.

If you would rather SVN completely ignore a file or specific extension, follow this guide to do so.

Right-click the file or folder you want to put under version control, go to RabbitVCS SVN and click on Add.

A dialog box will allow you to confirm your choice. Note that adding a folder will add all files inside it. You can remove some of the files from the change when committing later on. When you are satisfied with the list of files to be added, click OK.

Finally, a log will confirm the changes to the repository. Simply click OK to close it and continue your work.

It is highly recommended to commit your changes after adding or removing files, so other users of the repository can see the modified directory structure immediately.