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Ignoring files

SVN's capability to ignore files is mostly a convenience feature, but can also save you from mistakenly adding unneeded files to the repository. This could be temporary build files, configuration files with database credentials or maybe just quick personal notes.

To manage ignored files you must go through Kdesvn's primary graphical interface. Start the application from the launcher.

Once the application starts, click Open.

Type in the path to the local working copy or click the folder icon to navigate their instead. Click OK when you are ready to continue.

You may be requested to type in your credentials. This is your full AAU email address and its password.

Optionally, you can save these credentials for later use, saving time during SVN operations.

Navigate to the file you want to ignore through the tree on the left. The quickest way to change the ignore property is to right-click the file and click onIgnore/Unignore current item.

Advanced users can click the item's folder in the right navigation view and edit the svn:ignore property by hand in the bottom-right list.