AAU It Services


The initial checkout

The checkout checks out a repository from the server into a local working copy. It is run only once for a working copy, not being needed again. This guide runs through the steps needed to perform a checkout from the IST Subversion server, but all parts except the repository URL should be identical for other non-AAU repositories.

We recommend putting your SVN working copies in a central location on your disk, for example in a svn subfolder within your home folder.

Open Dolphin and right click within the folder your want to contain the working copy. Click Checkout from a repository... to  open the checkout window.

In the new Checkout window, type in the full address of the SVN repository in the URL field. The URL must be in the formhttps://svn01.ist.aau.dk/svn/department/Type/Name where:

department - the department of the repository (for example, cs, ist or student).
Type - the type of repository, either Users, ProjectGroups or Fileshares.
Name - the actual name of the repository. For project groups this could be sw406f12, for Users typically their username (in this example, jlb).


Note: the type and name are case sensitive - "Users" and "users" are not the same, neither is "jlb" or "JLB".


You can alter the target directory if it is incorrect.


Finally, make sure that you are checking out the revision HEAD to get the latest revision.


When you are done typing the information, click OK.

You may be requested to type in your credentials. This is your full AAU email address and its password.

Optionally, you can save these credentials for later use, saving time during SVN operations.

A small report will be displayed. Unless an error occurred you safely ignore it, click OK and begin working with your local working copy.