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Add / Install printer om your computer

Mac OS X 10.10 to 12.2- remember all 6 steps


Enter your AAU Username / AAU brugernavn

Use format:  eq. 

Your Username is used temporarily in this guide only - we do not share it, store it or send you any messages.

Your AAU AAU Username / AAU brugnavn:

Must be your AAU Username.


Select printer

Select the kind of printer you would like to install

Showing the guide for printer selected in previous step.

You must select a printer


Go to System Preferences and click on ”Print & Scan” icon.


Click on ”+” to add printer.


Click on ”Advanced”.


Rightclik in toolbar area and select "Customize Toolbar".


Drag ”Advanced” to your toolbar and click ”Done”.


In Type field: select "Windows" or ”Windows printer via spoolss” depending on your Mac OS X version.
In URL field type:

If problems with connecting printer, try to add "?encryption=no" after printer name

eg.  smb://


In Name field: Type in the name you want. We recommend using the unitname of the printer.
In Location: You can type an location if you like
In Print Using: select Generic PostScript Printer.
Click on "Add"

The first time you print, you will get a login window like this.



Fill "Name" with your username (domain name must be UPPERCASE) and enter your "Password".
To get this ”\” hold down SHIFT + ALT and then press 7
Remember to check: "Remember this password in my keychain" before pressing "OK".


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