Print and copy

Print from Android

Andriod phone or tablet

Before you continue - you need to be connected to AAU’s network.

You need to download the app ‘EveryonePrint’ to print directly from your smartphone.


  • Open Google Play Store and download the app ‘EveryonePrint’ 
  • Open the app and click ‘SETTINGS’ in the menu
  • Under ‘Using gateway’ write “”

  • Press ‘Test connection’ Do not press ‘Discover’
  • Press ‘Save’
  • Press ‘ACCOUNT’ in the menu
  • Fill out the information with your AAU-mail and password

  • The EveryonePrint app is now set up and you are ready to print directly from your smartphone
  • In order to print, open the document or picture you wish to print, and press the icon for ‘share’ (it often look like this  )
  • Print the document or picture
  • Access your printout with Follow-you on the printer you wish to use