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Ordbogen.com is a commercial online dictionary which gives users access to the entire standard Danish dictionary, as well as dictionaries translating from Danish into English, German, Swedish, French and Spanish - and vice versa.

Aalborg University has bought a site license, which means that you can use Ordbogen.com if you can identify yourself as a member of staff or a student, or if you use a computer connected to the University's network.

You can use Ordbogen.com by visiting their homepage, or you carn install the programme on your computer.

Underneath you will find a description telling you how to do this:

  • Visit the homepage Ordbogen.com.
  • Click Downloads.

  •  Choose ”Download Enkeltbruger”.

Or click ”Se alle downloads” if you want to choose another operation system.

Accept and download.

If you are using Internet Explorer, you will see this dialoque box. You should choose “Run”.

If you are using Chrome, you will find the downloaded file in the bottom left corner of the Chrome window.

If you use Firefox, you must save the file.

When downloading is completed, click the arrow icon to find the file.
Click on the file to install it.

That’s it. :-)
You will find the program mostly hidden on the upper left top of your screen. Move your mouse curser to this area and the search window will appear.