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Nem-ID Employee Certificate

What is Nem-ID Employee Certificate? 

Some employees at AAU need a NemID Employee Certificate from AAU. The certificate is used to log into some websites of public authorities, for instance virk.dk. 

How to order an AAU Nem-ID

You can order an AAU NemID by sending an e-mail to support@its.aau.dk. AAU NemID is personalized and can only be used on windows machines.

When the AAU NemID has been issued you will recieve an e-mail. You can now install the "Digital Signatur" client (from Software Center on Windows computers). After that, you are ready to visit secured webpages.

Safe mail

Employee certificates have previously been part of the recommened method for sending secure e-mails to external recipients. This has now been replaced by a newer technology, which is described on our pages for safe mail