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About Software Center

The Software Center is a key component of the university's PC platforms. Through the Software Center, you can easily and quickly install selected programs, as well as automatically receive updates. All software has been centrally tested, so there is very little risk of conflicts with pre-existing software on your PC.

Usually, all installations from the Software Center will be run as background processes. That is, with as little interaction with you as a user as possible. This ensures consistency on our platforms and makes installations as easy for the user as possible (With one click on Install).

Software packages with security features will automatically be installed on your computer regularly, just as updates to the programs that you already have will appear automatically. Updates that require your computer to restart are run, as far as possible, when you shut down your computer after use. Therefore, it is also important that you shut down your computer daily at the end of the working day.

You find Software Center under ”All programs” at the bottom of the map “AAU It Services”.

Available software

List of available software can bu found here: https://www.its.aau.dk/vejledninger/min-pc/software-center/