AAU It Services


Why updates?

To keep your PC safe and minimize the risk of abuse and errors, updates are required.

ITS is trying to keep all AAU machines up to date to increase security, but also to give users access to new features in the programs that you use.

In practice, this means that ITS initiates system updates shortly after they are released by Microsoft and Apple. Usually within 48 hours. You can read more about this under the heading "System/operating system updates"

ITS also initiates software updates for other programs installed through your computer's "Software Center"

ITS recommends that you install available updates in the Software Center as soon as they are available. If you forget to do so, the update will be installed automatically.

On this page, you can read more about how we do it and how you it will affect you. Keep in mind that you can always contact ITS Support on 9940 2020 or support@its.aau.dk if you have any questions or want to know more about updates.

System/operating system updates

System updates for Windows become available through your Software Center.

Under normal circumstances, they will become available during the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Hereafter, you will be able to install them whenever it suits you.

If they are not installed the day after they become available, they will be installed automatically at 4 p.m., after which your computer will restart.

During these approx. 36 hours, you will receive a notification from the Software Center informing that new updates are available. We recommend that you install them and restart your computer as soon as possible to prevent this from happening in an unfortunate work situation.

Once the updates are installed, your computer must be restarted within 4 hours. The restart cannot be stopped or postponed.
If your computer is not allowed to restart e.g. due to simulation or other research-related work, please contact us in order to get a Lab-PC.

In special cases, we are able to exempt your computer from updates for 30 days. Contact us for more information. Remember to contact us before the updates are installed. Whenever the update is installed, the restart cannot, as mentioned, be stopped or postponed.

Program/app updates

Updates of installed programs happen through your Software Center and require that you are connected to Aalborg University’s network, either directly or by VPN.

These updates start automatically and only in rare cases require a restart of your computer.

Some programs require that other programs (or earlier versions) are closed before the update can start. To avoid interfering with your work, the update will stop if this is the case.
The Software Center will automatically attempt to restart the update later.

Certain programs are updated through a 3rd party product from Heimdal. These updates are invisible to you and do not affect your work.