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Special Configurations

About special configurations on your Windows PC

In addition to our standard configurations, we also have two specially supported windows platforms.

Basis PC

  • The platform for users who wants to administer their PC themselves.
  • Is also used on some older or unsupported models

Lab PC

  • The platform for computation and laboratory machines. Also, be aware of offers from AAU about Research Data Services

Unless other agreements have been made, we will always install the desired platform in the latest available operating system and Office version.

Common to the two types is that they include the following:

  • Anti-virus
  • User gets full local administrative access
  • User is responsible for updating programs and operating system
  • The Software Center is not available

Shared machines and Kiosk

All standard machines and special configurations are designed as a personal workplace for a user. If you need machines that are shared between multiple users or for kiosk use, please contact ITS Support.