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What is Microsoft OneDrive?

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OneDrive is Microsoft's solution for storing files in the cloud. With OneDrive, you can store your personal files in one place, share them with others, and access them from any device connected to the internet.

OneDrive is replacing the previous backup solution where your files were stored on our own servers. With this solution, we also get a number of new features, such as sharing files with external users, the ability to work in, e.g., Word documents on almost all devices (through a browser), as well as easy access to files from home without VPN.

We are currently implementing OneDrive on all new machines. If you want to switch to OneDrive, contact our support department on 9940 2020 or

On your OneDrive machine, you can find the "Getting Started" folder on your Desktop, which contains instructions (Danish or English) for OneDrive. It can also be downloaded here: Getting started with OneDrive

What about Dropbox?

As OneDrive has all the same features as Dropbox, ITS recommends using OneDrive rather than Dropbox.

If you need help e.g., sharing files with external users, you can find further information on this page, or contact support at 9940 2020 or, to get assistance.


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    All files located on the Desktop, in Documents, and in Photos are automatically uploaded to OneDrive.

    You can create folders and subfolders yourself in OneDrive. They will all be transferred to OneDrive.

    The files can be accessed either through Quick Access or the OneDrive link. However, in Quick Access, only the Documents, Desktop, and Pictures folders direct to OneDrive.

    You can also find the files through your C: drive in C:\Users\BRUGERNAVN\OneDrive - Aalborg Universitet



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    How do i sign in?

    Whether you sign in through the OneDrive client on your PC or at, you have to use your entire AAU email address.

    If you are also using your AAU email address for a private OneDrive account, it is important that you select ”Work or school account” when you sign in.

    Some users will also be asked to enter a 2-factor code.

    (Please note that sometimes you have to enter your email and password several times to log in. This is not an error – it is due to the way OneDrive is implemented by AAU)


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    Information security

    Files placed in your OneDrive folders will automatically be uploaded to your Office 365 OneDrive account. As default, we have configured your PC to automatically copy your files in the Desktop, Documents, and Photos folders to OneDrive so that they are always available.

    To protect your data, it is important that you make sure OneDrive is running on your PC and that you respond to any possible synchronization errors.

    Remember that it is your responsibility to comply with AAU's information security rules and rules for handling personal data (GDPR). You can read more about information security and personal data at


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    Get help

    You can read more about OneDrive at, but you are also welcome to contact your support team at 9940 2020 or

    If you have any questions about information security (including what data can be stored in OneDrive), you can contact

    If you have any questions about personal data, you can contact

    You can find further reading about information security and personal data at


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    Useful features and additional questions

    What happens to OneDrive if I stop at Aalborg University?

    OneDrive is part of your Office 365 account. It is connected to your user at Aalborg University. When you no longer have access to your AAU email, you will not have access to OneDrive either.

    If you have data that you need after stopping at AAU, it is important that you remember to copy it to another location before your AAU email is shut down.

    ITS cannot help you access the data after your AAU email is shut down.

    I accidentally deleted a file or folder, what do I do?

    If you can't find the file in your computer's Recycle Bin, files can be restored through OneDrive.

    Log in at and select OneDrive. Here, you can restore the file through OneDrive’s Recycle Bin.

    OneDrive saves backups of deleted data for 93 days.

    In case you lose larger amounts of data, you can restore it through “Restore your OneDrive.” Contact support on 9940 2020 or for assistance.

    How do I access my files from home?

    If you bring your computer home, you do not need to do anything different than usual. You can access the files just like you do when you are physically at Aalborg University

    If you use your private computer or a borrowed computer, the way to access your files is different. The easiest way to access your files is to log in at  and choose OneDrive.
    Here you can work directly in the files through your browser or click "Sync" to install the OneDrive client on your PC and thus access the files through the explorer.

    If you need help, you are, as usual, welcome to contact support on 9940 2020 or

    How do I share a file or folder with others?

    To share a file or folder in OneDrive, right-click it (either in your computer’s explorer or via OneDrive at and select ”Share.”

    Here you select who to give access to the file and what rights you want to give.

    You can share with internal as well as external users. All you need is their email address.

    I have a file or folder that I always need access to

    As long as you are on the internet, you will always be able to access your files. OneDrive cleans up unused files, so they do not take up space on your hard drive and to save network traffic.
    This means that you have to be on the internet to open files that you rarely use.

    If you need a file or folder to always be available, even when you are not connected to the internet, you need to right-click on the file/folder and click ”Always save on this device”.[SMR2] 

    These files and folders can be opened and edited without an internet connection. Changes will be synchronized once you are connected to the internet again.

    We recommend that you only do this with important data that always need to be accessible.