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Get started with your windows PC

Get started with your windows pc

When you receive your standard PC from ITS, it will be installed and almost ready for use. The guide below will help you get started.

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    First login

    The first time you log in to your new computer, you must be on a cable network and at Aalborg University.

    If this is not possible for you, contact us at 9940 2020 for assistance.

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    Get Help

    If you need help getting started or assistance later on, you are always welcome to write, call or visit one of our OnSite Helpdesks.

    Find more information about ITS support here: www.its.aau.dk/support

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    Information Security

    Always remember to lock your computer when you leave it. This applies to short time periods as well.
    To lock the screen, press “Windows key + L". ITS also recommends that you decide on an automatic screen lock.

    Settings for automatic screen lock can be found in Settings (Screen saver).


    For the screen lock settings, we recommend that you choose "Blank", max 3 minutes, and "On resume, show logon screen"

    Remember that you can never tell or share your password to anyone. This includes your colleague, your boss, your family, or the IT department. 

    Read more about information security at AAU on this page: https://www.security.aau.dk/

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    Local administrator

    As far as possible, we make all necessary programs available in the Software center, but if you need additional programs, you are welcome to contact us for help installing them.

    If you need to manage your computer yourself, you can contact us and get local administrator rights. Alternatively, we can re-install your computer as a Basic PC, and give you full control.

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    Software Center

    All of our default configurations are delivered with the Software Center installed. Here you can install any additional programs quickly and easily.

    Read more about the Software Center here.

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    Windows Update

    Every month, we update your computer through the Software Center. Therefore, you don’t need to update windows yourself.

    This may require a forced restart of your computer, but in this case, you will be notified 4 hours before. The updates will be available in the Software Center for some time before the automatic installation, so you also have the option to install them yourself at a time that suits you.

    You can read more about how we update Windows HERE.