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jamf connect

Jamf Connect

Synchronizing of AAU password with Mac password. 

Jamf connect is a new feature that gets rolled out to AAU Macs, this will make it possible to have the same code on your Mac as to your AAU account. 

- IMPORTANT - the machine restarts immediately after Jamf Connect is installed, so be sure to save all files before you start the wizard, and it is a great idea to access the wizard through your mobile, since your Mac will restart and you will not be able to see the wizard. 

  1.  Install Jamf Connect from the Software Center. 

    Read the text, and after you have made sure that you do not have anything open that you need to save, tap Install 

    Your Mac will now restart.

  2. During the restart, you are prompted to log on with a user who has rights to decrypt the disk — it is not necessarily the user who connects to Jamf Connect.

  3. After restarting, in this window you must log in with your AAU account for example - tob@domain.aau.dk / fh22fh@domain.aau.dk 

    After you enter your AAU ID you will be directed on to AAU login .

  4. Type in your AAU-password.

  5. Re-enter your AAU password.

  6.  Enter the local password, i.e. your current Mac password. 
    Tap Sync, and then you might experience a black screen for a few minutes. 

    Your Mac will then log in as normal. 

After about 30 seconds, Jamf Connect begins to complete the installation. 

You may open programs, etc. While doing the last part of the installation. 

Jamf Connect is then installed and is permanently part of the status bar: 

By right-clicking  the  icon you have the option to  change the password and  find  shortcut to the Software Center and link to the support website  its.aau.dk 

Your Mac will now have the same code as your AAU account.