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FirstClass is a powerful composition of functionality for distribution of information, which gives companies and learning organizations the possibility to create collaborative online communities. As user, you have your own identity and through a safe network environment you gain access to contact-network, e-mail, shared calendars, instant messaging, file-sharing and –storing from a lightweight interface – very similar to the desktop environment known from Windows. 

Download and setup - Getting started with FirstClass


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There is opportunity to log on through secured connections from respectively a web-interface in internet-browsers or a unique client program. FirstClass communicates with the server through a uniform protocol, and provide the users with a wide range of accessibility from many types of units (e.g. mobile phone or PDA). 

In FirstClass the administrative users can set up rights for conferences, so that the individual user only is being presented for relevant areas and information. At individual attachment of a user or a group to a conference, a link will occur on the individual user’s desktop. 

Since information is generally linked to e.g. mailing lists or shared files, the distributed information has a central placed version. In this way changes of information or the like appears almost instant for the users.