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What does WAYF mean?

WAYF (Where Are You From) connects your login at Aalborg University (or another educational institution) to external web services.

This means that you can use your AAU account and login to gain access to a wide range of web services.

You can find further information on WAYF, including a full list of the web services available through WAYF at www.wayf.dk/en


How does WAYF work?

  • Go to a web page that requires you to log in.
  • Select WAYF as your login option.
  • Select Aalborg University from the list of institutions.
  • Enter your AAU username and password.

You now have access to the website.

If you are not connected to Aalborg University’s network and wish to use the website ordbogen.com or other such services, you can choose to log in through WAYF.

For further information: https://www.wayf.dk/en/about