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username for employees

Username for employees

If you were employed before spring of 2019, log into our systems as you normally would.

For employees after spring of 2019:

  • AAU username:

Your AAU username is structured as following: AAU-ID@domain.aau.dk (ex: ab12cd@adm.aau.dk)*

You use your AAU username to log in to all systems on AAU, e.g. webmail, Moodle, your computer unless otherwise provided.

Never reveal your AAU username to anyone outside AAU.

  • Email address:

An example for an e-mail address could be: jensjensen@adm.aau.dk*

This is the address you need to provide to others so that they can send mail to you. Never use your email address to log into AAU's systems.


* AAU username and email address are linked to one of AAU's domains - above "adm.aau.dk" is used as an example.

* Employees at the departments of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences must use ID or learning (depending on the place of employment) instead of the department.

* Employees who receive an @make.aau.dk email address must still use @m-tech.aau.dk or @id.aau.dk (depending on the place of employment) instead of the department.