AAU It Services

Setup through ITS

Multifactor validation after contact with ITS

The instructions below show the steps you need to go through after ITS has created your Multifactor validation.

If you have a Windows computer, Android mobile phone or something else, the pictures and wording in the different steps may vary a bit.


1) Open a browser on your PC (preferably in private/incognito mode) and log in with your AAU username and password at https://aka.ms/mfasetup

NOTE: If after logging in with your AAU username and password, you will see Microsoft's overview of apps, close the page and start over. The problem may occur in some cases when using the browsers Internet Explorer and Firefox. We therefore recommend that you use Chrome.

If you are prompted for a certificate during setup, select cancel.


Find the code from your mobile and enter it in the field "Verification code".



2) Click on "Add method" and select "Authenticator app".


3) Use your smartphone and download Microsoft Authenticator by either following the "Hent nu" (Download Now) link or downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play or other device (eg iPad). Once the app is downloaded and installed, open it on your mobile phone and click "Næste" (Next) on your computer.


4) Remember to accept all permissions that the app asks for during setup.
In the app, select "Tilføj konto" (Add account).

NOTE: If you use an iPhone, you may need to complete step 5) before step 4)


5) Choose "Skip" i appen.



6) Choose "Arbejds- eller skolekonto" (Work or school account) and switch to the computer and on to point 7.

... suggests "Konfigurer din konto" (Set up your account). Here you click "Næste" (Next).

As can be seen from the screenshot below, you also have the option to select "I want to configure another method". Our recommendation is that you only use the app, as the SMS method does not provide access to essential services.


8) Your computer now displays a QR code that you scan with your mobile phone.



9) When you scan the QR code with your mobile phone, it looks like this:


10) Once the code has been scanned and approved, the following will appear on your mobile phone:


11) You will now be asked on your computer to test the setup:



12) Select "Godkend" (Approve) on your mobile phone.



13) Once approved in the app, the following will appear on your computer. Click "Next".



14) You will now see the following on your mobile phone and computer as confirmation that you have been created correctly in the app.


15) For Standard login method, press Change and select "Microsoft Authenticator - message".


You are now ready to use AAU's services with multifactor validation, as is the case with Office 365, VPN and webmail.

The app must not be deleted after completing the guide, as this is the one to be used to accept 2 factor in the future.