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access to teams as a guest


When you are invited as a guest to Teams, you must have created a Multifactor validation, and below is the guide to how it is performed.

When you click on the link in the email, you hit this screenshot, and here you can choose to open Teams in the web version or in your teams client.


(It is a requirement that it is set up as a Microsoft account. This can be done here: www.microsoft.com/ press sign up for free, after creation start over with the wizard)

Now you will be able to see this in the top right next to your username, both in the web and in the client version.

Select Aalborg University. (Guest)

You will then be taken to this window:

Click Next.

You now have 2 options.

Read below about SMS verification and verification via the Authenticator app.


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    Authenticator App Verification

    Use your smartphone and download Microsoft Authenticator by either following the "Download Now" link or downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play. Once the app is downloaded and installed, open it on your device and click "Next" on your computer.

    Accept any permission request the app asks for during the setup.
    When you see the picture below, click on "Add work or school account".

    In the app, select "Add account"


    On the computer, it is suggested "Set up your account". Here you click "Next".


    Your computer now displays a QR code that you scan with your mobile phone.

    If you can now see your account in the App, it is connected.

    You will now be prompted to test the setup on your computer:


    Select "Approve" on your mobile phone.


    Once approved in the app, the following will appear on your computer. Click "Next".


    You will now see your device listed on the computer.

    The app must not be deleted after completion of the guide, as this is the one that is used continuously for 2-factor validation.


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    SMS verification

    Click on "I want to configure a different method".

    Choose "Phone".

    Select the country code for your phone number - and enter the number.

    You will then receive an SMS with a code that you can enter as shown in the screenshot.

    After this the setup is complete and you can access teams.

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    When you open the link you will be taken to a login page. Here you need to log in to the account to which you have been invited.

    And then you need to set up multifactor via the wizard "Authenticator App Verification" above in the list.