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You already know the multifactor principle from login on eg VPN (where you receive a code via SMS), your online bank, borger.dk, etc., where you must enter a code from your NemID.

For security reasons, AAU introduces continuous multifactor validation on several services using the Microsoft Authenticator app.

you must be physically located on campus

To set up multifactor validation via the Microsoft Authenticator app, you must be physically located on campus and connected to the AAU network EDURAOM or AAU-1x

Our guide below shows pictures from setting up via iPhone and Mac, if you have a Windows computer, Android mobilephone etc. pictures and text may look different.


1) Open a browser on your PC and log in with your AAU username and password at https://aka.ms/mfasetup

NB: If you after log in is shown a Microsoft page with all apps, you must shut down the browser window and start over again. The issue appears in a few cases with the Internet Explorer and Firefox. We recommend that you use the browser Chrome.

Tap "Next".



2) Download Microsoft Authenticator by either following the "Download now" link or downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play via your mobile phone or other device (eg iPad). Once the app is downloaded and installed, open it on your mobile phone and click "Next" on your computer.

2a) If you do not get the image above but instead of the one below, just click "Add Method".


3) Remember to accept all permissions that the app asks for during setup.
In the app, select "Add account". NOTE: If you use an iPhone, you may need to complete step 4) before step 3)



4) Click "Spring over" (skip).


5) Select "Work or school account" in the app.



6) On your computer is suggested "Set up ypur account". Click "Next".

As you can see in the picture below, it is also possible to choose "I want to set up a different method". This is not recommended. We recommend that you only use the app, as different methods do not give access to essential services when working/studying from home, fx VPN.




7) Your computer now displays a QR code. Scan the code with your mobilephone.



8) when you scan the code with your mobile phone, it looks like this:


9) Once the code has been scanned and approved, you will see the following on your mobile phone:



10) On your computer you are now asked to test the setup:


11) Click "Approve" in the app.



12) When you have approved in the app, following is shown on your computer. Click "Next".



13) You now see the following on your compuer and mobilephone as an affirmation that the set up is correct.


You are now ready to use AAU's services with multifactor validation, as is the case with Office 365 from and including 29 September and VPN from the 3rd of November 2020.


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    After initial configuration - Change method

    Once you have set up multifactor validation the page, you enter, is changed.

    If you want to change to another method the procedure is similar to the guide above.


    We recommend that you only use the Microsoft Authenticator app, as the method with SMS do not give access to essential services when working or studying from home, fx VPN.


    You can change method by selecting the preferred option in the dropdown menu.

    • "Text code to my authentication phone" is the alternative configuration with text (SMS) 
    • "Notify me through app" is the recommended configuration with Microsoft Authenticator App.
    • "Use verification code from app or token" is the alternative configuration with TOTP authenticator app.

    After selecting the preferred option, follow the appropriate guide.

    Click Save when done.