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About username and passwords

AAU Username

If you were hired before spring 2019, log on to our systems as usual. Otherwise, the below applies.

If you are a student and you have received your AAU email before July 6th, 2021, your email address is your username. For students who have received their AAU email after this date, the below applies.

AAU username

Your AAU username is structured as follows:
AAU-ID@domæ (e.g.: /
Your AAU username is used to access all systems at AAU such as AAU webmail, Moodle, and your AAU computer, unless you have been given other information.
Never give your AAU username to anyone outside of AAU.

Email address

Here is an example of how an email address could look like:
This is the address you provide others so they can send you mails.
You will never need to use your email address to log in at AAU’s systems.