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Username and password

Username and password

As a student, as well as an employee at Aalborg University, you will be given an AAU ID, which gives you access to various services as well as an AAU email.

Read more in the menu under "AAU-Username".

In case you forget your password, you can find it by using your NemID to log in at newpassword.aau.dk.

Some services require multifactor authentication if you want to access them outside the campus area with VPN.
Read more about multifactor authentication here.



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    If you were hired before spring 2019, log on to our systems as usual. Otherwise, the info below applies.

    If you are a student and you have received your AAU email before July 6th, 2021, your email address is your username. For students who have received their AAU email after this date, the below applies.


    Your AAU username is structured as follows:
    AAU-ID@domain.aau.dk (e.g.: ab12cd@adm.aau.dk / ab13dk@student.aau.dk)
    Your AAU username is used to access all systems at AAU such as AAU webmail, Moodle, and your AAU computer, unless you have been given other information.
    Never give your AAU username to anyone outside of AAU.


    Here is an example of how an email address could look like: jensjensen@adm.aau.dk.
    This is the address you provide others so they can send you mails.
    You will never need to use your email address to log in at AAU’s systems.

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    account expiration

    When your affiliation with Aalborg University ends, you will receive an email about your account expiration. See an example of an expiration email here

    If you believe that the expiration of the account is an error, please contact your secretary immediately.

    If you do not respond to this email, your account will be closed after 14 days and deleted after another 14 days.

    As a student, you have access to your account for 90 days, after you are graduate.

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    your password

    Your username will be created with a default password. It's important that you change this password as soon as possible.

    Read here how to change your password.

    If you have forgotten your password, you can use NemId to create a new one at newpassword.aau.dk.