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How can I view and edit my staff profile data?

In May 2019, personprofil.aau.dk was phased out.

For many years, AAU has had two externally oriented staff profile platforms –  Personprofil and VBN. This has caused confusion and poor searchability as well as challenges in relation to maintenance and operation of both platforms. Personprofil.aau.dk has not been performing well for a while, and since VBN presents a strengthened platform, efforts relating to staff profiles will be combined on this platform going forward. You can find more information in this AAU Inside article.


If you have previously used personprofil.aau.dk to determine whether a staff member is affiliated with AAU as an employee or as a consultant, you can now find this information on search.aau.dk.


If you need a high-resolution profile photo of yourself or another staff member, you can search for the person on AAU Search, go to the VBN profile and right-click on the photo and save it as a file locally on your own computer. The photo will be downloaded in the same resolution that the profile owner has uploaded it in. When you are logged in to your own profile in PDS, you can upload multiple images and select what should appear as the profile photo which will automatically appear on the staff profile on VBN.


Personaleinfo.aau.dk was phased out during June 2019. The system could make lists of staff members at a place of employment. The system was quite old and had to be updated manually so the decision was made not to prioritise resource use on this outdated task going forward. If you have any questions related to personaleinfo.aau.dk, feel free to contact Axel Kellermann, ITS.


Go to VBN

What you can view/edit in VBN:

  • CV data – education, publications, work experience and tasks, etc.

See guidelines in Danish for technical/administrative staff for how to add work experience and tasks to your VBN profile.


Go to PDS

What you can view/edit in PDS:

  • Contact information – name, nickname, email, phone no., and physical address
  • Profile picture
  • Holiday information