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Remote Desktop Connection

about connecting remotely

About remote desktop

With remote access you can connect to an AAU computer from the internet or from another location on AAU. You can, e.g., use all programs and files on your work computer from your private computer at home.

Remote desktop is available for those who have the need for a remote desktop connection, to a desktop computer on AAU. Requirements are listed below:

  • The work can not be done, on the laptop computer that you already have received.
  • The computer must have a wired connection to the internet.

To get Windows Remote Desktop setup, you must send an e-mail to support@its.aau.dk with the following information:

  • Reason for the remote connection
  • AAU-number on the computer
  • Operative system on the computer
  • Number on the wall ethernet outlet, which the computer is connected to
  • Room and building number, which the computer resides in
  • Which users a going to use the connection
  • Which type of rights should the users have


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    To access your computer from home or from another computer on campus, you need to allow access.

    • Open ‘Control Panel’ -> ‘System and Security’ -> ‘System’
    • Select 'Remote Settings' from the left menu
    • Tick off 'Allow remote connections to this computer'
    • If you are not set up as a user on the machine, you will need to add yourself by clicking 'Select Users'.