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Moodle Instructions for general use

Moodle help for general use

These pages are for you as a user of Moodle at Aalborg University. Find guidelines and videos about Moodle in the lists below.

Instructions for Moodle

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    Add a block

    A block adds extra functionality to your Moodle.

    1. Log in to Moodle and make sure that you are in ‘Dashboard’.
    2. Click ‘Customise this page’
      customize page
    3. Click ‘Add a block’ in the menu to the left (1). Pick which block you want to add in the list.
      add a block
    4. This block has now been added to your Dashboard. Click ‘Stop customising this page’ in the top right-hand corner.
      stop customising
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    Add your mobile phone number

    Teaching staff and secretaries may send announcements in a course room that can be forwarded as text messages – for instance in the event of cancellations or changes in teaching activities. In order to receive these messages, you need to add your mobile phone number to your Moodle profile. Your mobile phone number will not be visible to other people.

    PLEASE NOTE: Only works for Danish mobile phone numbers.

    1. Log in to Moodle.
    2. Click your name and choose ‘Preferences’
    3. Click ‘Edit profile’
      edit profile
    4. Click ‘Expand all’, scroll down to the section ‘Optional’, enter your mobile phone number and update your profile to save.
      expand all
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    Dashboard - course view and filtering

    On your dashboard you will find the courses you are enrolled in. By default, your dashboard will look like this:

    Dashboard overview

    1. You can toggle the left menu by clicking the three horizontal lines in the left upper corner. 

    2. By clicking on "customise this page" on the right side, you can move the blocks arround and add new blocks. 

    3. Your course overview is per default in the middle section. Learn more about your course overview and how to filter your courses in the following.

    Course overview

    1. You can filter your courses by clicking the drop-down menu.
      Dashboard filter
      - "All" will display all the courses you are enrolled in.
      - "In Progress" will show the courses you are enrolled in, in the current semester.
      - "Future" will show the courses you are enrolled in, in the coming semester.
      - "Past" will show all the courses you are enrolled in and have completed in previous semesters.
      - "F19" = Spring2019 ı "E19" = Autumn2019 etc...
      - "Starred" is your favorite list. By clicking the three dots next to a course you can add a star to highlight them.
      - "Hidden" works the same way as "Starred" except that these will not appear in the "All" filter.  
    2. You can change the way courses are displayed.
      Course overview layout
      The courses are displayed by default as "Card". We suggest that you use the "list" or "description" views for a better overview if you have many courses.  
    3. You can change how many courses you want displayed per page.
      Number of courses per page
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    Export your calendar

    You can export events from your calendar and import these into a different system. You can choose whether you want it to be the events of this week, this month, the latest or the next 60 days, or in a user defined interval (two years in advance). This guide will show you how to export your calendar. 

    1. Click on the calendar when you are in your ‘Dashboard’. 
    2. Click ‘Export calendar’ under the calendar.
    3. Define what you want to export and what time period you want to export and click ‘Get calendar URL’
      export calendar
    4. Copy the link
      copy url to export your calendar
    5. You can use the link to import the events into another system. 

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    Moodle help for general use

    These pages are for you as a user of Moodle at Aalborg University. Find guidelines and videos about Moodle in the lists below.

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    Register for forum subscriptions

    If you subscribe to a forum, you will receive notifications about new forum posts on mail.

    In some forums, you may be required to receive notifications and you cannot unsubscribe from these.

    To subscribe to a forum, you need to:

    1. Click on the forum you want to subscribe to.
    2. Click ‘Subscribe to this forum’.
      subscribe to forum

    You are now subscribed to the forum.