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introduction to panopto

Introduction to Panopto

Panopto is a video platform that is made available to all employees and students at AAU. With Panopto you can record and distribute video. Panopto is also installed as a plug-in in Moodle, so you can easily attach videos to your courses.

Web access Panopto: http://panopto.aau.dk.

If you want to install the Panopto client, you as an employee must download it from the Software Center, and as a student you must download it via the web access.

You must be logged in to AAU to be able to access Panopto and if you are not when you type panopto.aau.dk in the browser, you will be prompted to log in. Once logged in, you will encounter a similar image.

In the menu on the left, "Hjem" (Home) is basically selected. With that view, you will see a selection of the videos that have been shared with you "Delt med mig" and all the news "Nyheder". You can not change this view.

If you click on "Min mappe" (My folder) in the menu on the left, you will see the videos you have uploaded in your private area. By default, only you will be able to see what is in this folder.

If you click on "Delt med mig" (Shared with me) you will be able to see all the videos that have been shared with you. This is the menu item you get to if you under "Hejm" click on "Se alle" (See more) under "Delt med mig".

If you click on "Alt" (Everythin)", you will see all the videos you have access to.

Via the last menu item "Gennemse" (Browse) you can scroll through the hierarchy you have access to.