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Moodle Instructions for employees


All courses in the spring and autumn semesters can be viewed as of 20 January and 15 August, respectively. 

Instructions for moodle

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    Allowing guest access

    If you want people who do not have an Aalborg University username to be able to access a course, you need to allow guest access in the course.

    Unfortunately, you cannot do this yourself, but click here: support@its.aau.dk, to send us an email.
    Remember to indicate

    • the course ID (you can find it in the browser address field, see picture below)
    • and whether the guests need a password and, if so, what the password should be


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    Changing user role in a course

    1. Click on Users in the Administration block, and below, click on Enrol users.

    2. Click on the pencil in the ‘Roles’ column next to the user whose role you want to change:

    3. The new role is then found by typing in the text field. Select the desired role from the drop-down menu:

    4. Note that the role appears as a blue background bar above the text field. 

    5. Remember to delete the role the user no longer needs by clicking on the X next to the role (blue bar):

    6. Remember to save by clicking on the disk icon below the text box:


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    Copying Text from a Word document

    When you paste text from a Word document via the regular copy/paste feature, you risk that your course will no longer display correctly in Moodle.

    Therefore, we recommend that, instead of 'paste', you use Moodle’s 'Paste from Word' function. 

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    Enrolling users in Moodle

    1. When you are in your course, start by choosing Course administration > Users > Participants

    2. Click on ‘Enrol users’. In the image below, the buttons are displayed on the right side.

    3. This window must then be completed:

    4. Type the name of the user you wish to add to the course in the ‘Select users’ field and select from the drop-down menu.

    5. After selecting the user, the name and email will appear as a blue background field. And you can select the role in the ‘Assign role’ field:

    The other points are not relevant, so they may be skipped.

    6. Finally, click on ‘Enrol selected users and cohorts’

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    Importing course content

    To import content from one course to another course, first make sure you know the course ID of the old course.

    1. Go into the course you want to import from and note the course ID that you find in the browser address field. 

    2. Go into the empty course space that was set up via KOSMO.
      PLEASE NOTE: If the space is not empty, the imported content will be added to the existing content.
    3. Select Import under Course administration in the Administration block on the left.
    4. Enter the course ID of the old course in the Search field and click on Continue.
    5. Then select the course and click on Continue.
    6.  Select which settings and which course sessions to import.
    7. You can see how far you are in the process at the top of the page.
    8. When you are at Step 6, you have imported the course content.
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    Inset picture into course

    To inset a picture you need to enable editing.

    After that you need to chose where you want the picture and then click edit.

    Click the picture icon.

    In this dialogue click the upload a picture.

    Chose "Upload a file"(1) then chose the file you want to upload (2). After that you need to click upload this file (3)

    You can now see your picture and then click insert

    If you have not put in a description then click 'ok' on this dialogbox

    Click save. 


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    Login as a guest

    To log in as a guest in a Moodle course requires that the course administrator enable guest access.

    1. When this has been done, log in to Moodle as a guest by clicking on ‘Guest’ at the top of the menu bar.
    2. Click on ‘Log in as guest’

    3. Next, paste the link to the course in the browser address field.

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    Setting up group submission

    With the activity ‘Assignment’ you can specify whether students should submit individually or in groups under the settings.

    1. Turn on editing in the course where you want to set up an assignment.

    2. Click on ‘Add activity or resource’ at the bottom of the section where you want the assignment set up

    3. Select the ‘Assignment’ in the ACTIVITIES list.

    4. Fill in the sections that briefly include:

      • General: Description of the assignment

      • Availability: How must the students submit?

      • Submission Type: What is the submission type and how much must they submit?

      • Feedback Types: How will you give students feedback on the assignment?

      • Submission Settings: Is the student allowed to reopen a submitted assignment?

      • Group Submission Settings

        • If you choose to have students submit in groups, the section will be expanded with three options:

          • ‘Require group to make submission’: If you check this option, only students who are in a Moodle group may submit.  If a student who is not in a group opens the assignment, they will get this error:

          • ‘Require that all members of the Moodle group submit’: This option is only active if you checked ‘require that students click on the submission button’ in the Submission Settings section.

          • ‘Grouping of students’: If you have grouped the groups (combined your Moodle groups into one grouping), you can select this grouping here. Moodle will then use the grouping’s group information in connection with submission.

    5. Click on Save at the bottom of the course

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