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Mail groups allow you to send mail to a group of members, which can have both AAU and external mail addresses. The person ordering the mail group (and possibly others) is given access to maintain the group themselves. Read more about mailgroups at service.aau.dk or contact IT-support.

Guides for mailgroups

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    Managing mail groups

    Below you can find information on how to add or delete members of email groups you manage.

    • Log on to webmail at mail.aau.dk
    • Click ‘Options’ in the top right-hand corner.
    • Select  ‘See all options...’.
    • Click 'Groups' in the menu to the left.

    In the right column you will find the list of all email groups you own.

    • Double-click on the group you would like to edit.
    • Open the tab ‘Membership’.

    You will see a list of all members.

    • Click 'Add...' and type part of the name or email address of the person you want to add.
    • Find the correct person.
    • Click 'Add' again.
    • Click 'OK'.
    • Click at the member you want to remove and click 'Remove'.

    Please note that you can only add AAU email addresses.

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    Which mail groups am i member of?

    We will show you a simple way to find out, which public email groups you are a member of.

    • Log on webmail at mail.aau.dk
    • Click 'Settings' ind the upper right corner.
    • Choose 'Show all settings'.
    • Click 'Groups' in the left menu.

    Click here to see how you can add and delete members of mailgroups, which you are administrator of.