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Creating rules

Get help sorting your emails

You can use rules to automatically sort your incoming emails. For example, you can create rules, which sort emails from a specific sender and move them to a specific folder.

Guides for creating rules

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    Creating rules in Outlook

    Creating rules in Outlook

    • Start Outlook
    • Click Rules on the Home tab
    • Choose ‘Create Rule…’
    • A new window will open and it will contain the information of the selected message.
    • Check the options you want to use and select which action the rule should take.
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    Creating rules in webmail

    Creating rules via webmail

    • Sign in to your webmail at mail.aau.dk
    • Click ‘Options’ in the upper right corner
    • Choose ‘See all options’
    • Select ‘Organize E-Mail’ in the left-hand menu
    • Click ‘New…’ to create a new rule

    A new window will now open. Select one of the options from the first drop-down list and select one of the options from the second drop-down list.

    By clicking ‘More Options…’ you can add actions and exceptions to your rule.