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Create new password for AAU printers

After changing your password the printer will stop working.

The next time, that you try to print, you will be presented with a similar dialog box to this one.

Your “Username” is typed as specified:

DEPARTMENT: is your department
PLAN: plan.aau.dk
HST: hst.aau.dk
STUDENTS: student.aau.dk etc.

USER: is the part of your e-mail before @
E-MAIL: is Susanne@ifm.aau.dk
USER: is susanne

If the dialog box above, does not appear, you will need to delete the printer and then add the printer once again, as follows:

Launch the printer setup by clicking the Ubuntu icon

Type the word “Printers” in the search line

Click on the “Printers” icon

Choose the printer, you wish to reconnect.

Write down the name of the printer.

Right click on it and choose the “delete” option.

Go to http://www.printcopy.aau.dk/ and follow the guide provided, to setup the printer again.