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After changing your password you will no longer have access to the files in the fileshare, and you will have to map the network drive once again.

Mounting a network drive can be done using the command line:
sudo mount.cifs //SERVER/SHARE MOUNTPOINT -o setuids,user=USERNAME,dom=DEPARTMENT,pass=PASSWORD

  • user: your username is the part of your e-mail before @.
  • password: password corresponding to the username.
  • dom: this is roughly equivalent to your department(plan, hst etc.), while students should use student
  • mountpoint: a path that will be used as the access point in your file system.
  • server: the server you need to access. This should be either aau.dk or DEPARTMENT.aau.dk.
  • Replace DEPARTMENT with the name of the department you want to access (hst, student, plan etc.)
  • share: the folder you wish to mount.

Running the command requires the cifs-utils (Ubuntu) package, or cifs-mount (Fedora).